Seifert campaign releases new video

January 31, 2010
State Capitol
By Tanner Curl

Republican state Rep. Marty Seifert's gubernatorial campaign has a new video out that appears directed at potential Republican caucus-goers. Most of the video features Seifert talking into the camera with b-roll shots from the campaign trail interspersed throughout. A somewhat-stereotypical-but-meant-to-be-inspirational brass instrumental track runs in the background.

Seemingly, there isn't a way to embed the video, but you can watch it on Seifert's website.

Some stray observations after the jump.

+ The messaging focuses on fighting out-of-control government growth from the likes of "Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi." (Not Mr. Pogemiller and Ms. Kelliher?) Are Obama and Pelosi more potent targets when it comes to rallying up some tea party support? It seems clear that the Seifert campaign is worried about momentum behind state Rep. Tom Emmer. Last September, Seifert won the the straw poll at the GOP State Convention with 37% of the vote. Emmer came in second with 23%. Since then, the tea party movement has only gotten stronger and appears to be the most energized political group right now. Emmer, in his politics and style, is a more natural fit for the tea party folks, and if he can organize their energies, it could eliminate that 14% advantage. The Seifert team has to be hoping that they can win enough tea party activists' support to minimize their overall impact. Tuesday night's straw poll results from caucuses could really shake this race up.

+ It seems official that "socialist" is the new "liberal" in GOP messaging.

+ Seifert says at 1:08: "There are very few people around the country who can go and say, 'Hey, you know what, I'm pro-life and I actually did something about.'" I'm curious what he's referring to specifically, particularly since the phrasing implies a "I'm more pro-life than you are" message.

+ Is the truck shot at the end taken from the Scott Brown campaign playbook?