Seifert Campaign Turns Attention Toward Emmer

January 30, 2009
Minnesota State Capitol
by Marty Owings
Seifert Mailing
It was probably just a matter of time until the Seifert campaign had to face the idea that Tom Emmer has become a very realistic contender in the race for Governor. Emmer has been gaining momentum since he entered the race and has been polling well among the GOP base.

Emmer announced two big endorsements this week with Lt. Governor Carol Molnau and Representative Laura Brod. Brod is considered a key endorsement with wide appeal and said she was endorsing Emmer because, "he is a genuine person, whose leadership and strength set him apart." Brod considered her own run for governor just last summer before health issues forced her to reconsider.

The high profile endorsements and Emmer's momentum on the campaign trail must have gotten the attention of the Seifert campaign, because they targeted Emmer in the mailing below, which was obtained by Minnesota Capitol News today. The mailing groups Emmer with DFL gubernatorial candidates as someone who voted against a taxpayer protection referendum.

Seifert's targeting of Emmer could be seen as recognition that the race on the GOP side has gotten a lot closer in recent weeks. On a separate, but related note, it may also be a recognition that Kelliher, Entenza and Rukavina are threats on the DFL side.

Seifert Mailing