Governor Pawlenty Calls Emergency Cabinet Meeting To Address Minnesota's Budget Crisis

Governor Tim Pawlenty

May 6, 2010
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Marty Owings

The Governor announced today that he will convene an emergency meeting of his Cabinet Friday morning to address the looming budget crisis. The Governor's spokesman Brian McClung said that the crisis was created when the Minnesota Supreme Court, "ordered us to spend money we don't have". McClung indicated that the meeting was necessary to discuss the possibility of a Government shutdown.

As a result of the Minnesota Supreme Court ruling that the Governor exceeded his authority on unallotment, the state is now faced with a budget crisis that could exceed $3 billion dollars. When asked about possible solutions McClung stated that because of the situation the state is in, it would be difficult for it to borrow money.

DFL and Republican Legislative Leaders met with the Governor twice today to discuss the looming state budget crisis, but were short on details other than to say they were coming to agreement on the numbers involved in the crisis. House Minority Leader Kurt Zellers (R) characterized the situation as, "serious as a heart attack."

Here is video of Senate Minority Leader Dave Senjem and House Minority Leader Kurt Zellers discussing the budget talks.

Here is the DFL Leadership reaction to the budget talks.