DFL Proposes A Tax Increase - GOP Responds Quickly

DFL law makers today proposed a budget which includes a $400 plus million dollar tax increase. The proposal also contains a number of significant budget reduction measures including $147 million in health & human services cuts as well as $1.7 billion dollars in K12 education shifts, also known as delayed payment. The overall budget proposal contains roughly 15% in taxes, 25% cuts and 60% in borrowing.

DFL Representative Tom Rukavina said the, "we have to start somwhere....this Governor has to come around, last year he signed all the spending bills than unallotted them, where I come from when you do something like that they call you a cheat, a chiseler!"

The Governor responded quickly to the budget proposal with a press release in which he said' "The DFL’s proposed tax increase is like Jason in ‘Friday the 13th’ – it’s scary and it keeps coming back."

“The DFL tax increase plan would give Minnesota the fifth highest income tax rate in the country, would deter small businesses from growing jobs, and would lead to more unemployed Minnesotans. I look forward to vetoing this DFL tax increase.”

Later in the day, the Senate passed the budget bill on a 34 to 33 vote, with 12 DFL Senators voting against the measure. The deciding vote was cast by Tarryl Clark, who was late to the Senate floor after leaving to deal with a family matter.

Time is running out for Law Makers and the Governor to come together as session ends next week. The House and Senate are both be in session today and are expected to debate this and other issues late into the night tonight.