Emmer Misses Environment Vote - Kelliher Calls Him Out! (Full Audio)

Minnesota Capitol

May 13, 2010
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Marty Owings

At about 12:30 a.m. this morning the Minnesota House took a vote on the Omnibus environment and natural resources bill, also known as the Heritage bill. The bill passed, but Republican Tom Emmer, who had been on the House floor just a few minutes before was absent for the vote. Emmer, who is running for Governor, has missed a number of floor sessions since winning his party's endorsement two weeks ago. His missed vote tonight caught the attention of more than a few DFL Law Makers who began to Tweet about Emmer's absence. DFL Representatives Jeremy Kalin and Larry Hosch asked in separate Tweets, "Where's Tom Emmer?"

Just days earlier, DFL Senator Tarryl Clark, who is running against Michelle Bachmann for U.S. Congress, was absent from the Senate floor during a vote on the budget bill. Senate Republicans wasted no time in calling out Clark for her tardiness. Clark did return to the Senate chamber after a ten minute delay, and cast the deciding vote in favor of the bill. Clark apologized to the Chamber, saying she'd been called away to deal with a family matter.

After tonight's session ended, Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher said that the vote was probably the most important conservation and environment measure Law Makers will take this session. Kelliher says that Emmer had been officially excused around midnight, but said that his missed votes were becoming a pattern. Republican Minority Leader Kurt Zellers responded by saying that Kelliher should be more concerned with the budget.

Here is audio of both Kelliher statements and Zeller's reaction.
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