Regular Session Ending Could Be In Jeapordy

May 16, 2010
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Marty Owings

With less than ten hours remaining in the 2010 Legislative session, Governor Tim Pawlenty's spokesman Brian McClung has said the Governor will veto a Budget Bill submitted by the Legislature. McClung says the proposal makes the states deficit worse than it is now and would raise the cost of health care.

At one point last night, Pawlenty paid a visit to GOP Law Makers to discuss various budget proposals. There was applause heard from outside the meeting room and some Republicans emerged later saying they were in general agreement on a budget proposal to DFLers. It was rumored that the plan would include utilizing a state program for Medical Care rather than relying on Federal Matching money, which Repulicans oppose. The proposal would essentially shift the repsonsibility to the next Governor to deal with the Federal Medical Assistance Program. As one GOP Legislator put it, "This makes it possible for Emmer to run against Obama care and Margaret to run for it." With a looming midnight deadline, Law Makers and the Governor will continue to try to hammer out a budget deal throughout the day today.

Governor Pawlenty flew back to Saint Paul yesterday from Northern Minnesota where he'd been for the fishing opener. The Governor's quick return had some at the Capitol hopeful that a budget agreement could come swiftly, but after negotiations that stretched into the early morning hours they still had no solution. There were some bright spots to the negotiations though as Law Makers and the Governor were able to pass the Pension Bill.

Right now the clock reads 3:27 p.m. and if a solution cannot be reached by midnight the Governor could call a special session. Check back or follow our Tweets for up to date information on all the action this final day of regular session.