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Governor Pawlenty's Final State Of The State Address Finds A Divided Legislature - Text and Audio

State Of The State Address 2010
February 11, 2010 - State Capitol
By Marty Owings

First Hmong American House Member, State Rep. Cy Thao Expected To Announce He Won't Seek Re-election!

Cy Thao
State Rep. Cy Thao

February 10, 2010
State Capitol
By Marty Owings

State Representative Cy Thao (DFL) is expected to announce within days that he will not seek re-election in Saint Paul's 65A district. Thao has served in the Legislature for the past eight years and is Chair of the Licensing Division committee and sits on a number of other committees including the Health Care and Human Service Finance Division and Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight committee.

Pawlenty Sends a Not-So-Valentine to DFLers

State Capitol - February 10, 2010
By Tanner Curl

The debate over this year's bonding bill continues in St. Paul. Gov. Tim Pawlenty has expressed his displeasure with the size and scope of the bonding bill taking shape in the Legislature. Pawlenty's concerns were laid out in a letter to the Capital Investment committee chairs, DFLers Sen. Keith Langseth and Rep. Alice Hausman. As he has done since January, the governor raised the specter of the v-bomb, threatening both line-item and full vetoes.

Read excerpts from the letter after the jump.

Bonding Bill Or Jobs Bill? Depends On Who You Ask!

Bonding Bill
February 9, 2010
State Capitol
By Marty Owings

The Minnesota Senate passed a $1 billion bonding bill today, touted by DFL Law Makers as a "jobs bill" and although 9 of 21 Senate Republicans voted to pass the bill, most disagreed that it was a "jobs bill". Senate Republican Geoff Michel called it, "a political bill, it's a stunt, it's borrowing and spending". During the Senate debate over the bill, Sen. David Hann (R) made it a point to ask several times, "Where are the jobs?".

Marty flirts with the Green Party (Update)

KFAI Governors Forum
State Capitol - February 9, 2010
By Tanner Curl

Following last week's precinct caucuses, some of the political chatter focused on state Sen. John Marty's somewhat better-than-expected 4th-place finish with 10% in the DFL straw poll. But I was even more surprised with Marty's other total from the night: 37% of the vote in the Green Party straw poll. That's right...Green Party. For some context, Marty garnered 43 out of 117 votes at the Green caucuses and finished 2nd to "None of the Above."

More on the impact of a Marty Green Party run after the jump.

KFAI Governors Forum Podcast

KFAI Governors Forum

February 8, 2010
State Capitol
By Marty Owings

KFAI Radio broadcast a live on-air Governor's Candidate forum on February 8, 2010. The forum featured GOP Candidates Tom Emmer, Marty Seifert and Bill Haas as well as DLFer's Margaret Anderson Kelliher, John Marty, Tom Rukavina and IP Candidates Tom Horner and Rob Hahn. Here is a link to the Podcast:

Wrath Of Kahn Comes By Letter That Was Never Meant To Be Public

Kahn's Letter
Letter From Phyllis Kahn

February 7, 2010
State Capitol
By Marty Owings

Pawlenty Tells Legislature - I Will Protect My Power!

Photo By Minnesota Capitol News

February 5, 2009
State Capitol
By Marty Owings

Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) sent a message to DFL Legislators today by way of a written letter. Pawlenty wants the Law Makers to know that he's ready to fight to keep his unallotment power. He writes in the letter that, "it is my intent to aggressively protect this ability on behalf of future governors and the people of Minnesota."

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