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Your Guide To A Raucous Caucus

January 31, 2010
State Capitol
By Marty Owings


Okay, so unless your a hardcore politico, you're probably thinking to yourself that going to the Tuesday caucus sounds like it would be about as much fun as a trip to the dentist!

Seifert Campaign Turns Attention Toward Emmer

January 30, 2009
Minnesota State Capitol
by Marty Owings
Seifert Mailing
It was probably just a matter of time until the Seifert campaign had to face the idea that Tom Emmer has become a very realistic contender in the race for Governor. Emmer has been gaining momentum since he entered the race and has been polling well among the GOP base.

Seifert campaign releases new video

January 31, 2010
State Capitol
By Tanner Curl

Republican state Rep. Marty Seifert's gubernatorial campaign has a new video out that appears directed at potential Republican caucus-goers. Most of the video features Seifert talking into the camera with b-roll shots from the campaign trail interspersed throughout. A somewhat-stereotypical-but-meant-to-be-inspirational brass instrumental track runs in the background.

Seemingly, there isn't a way to embed the video, but you can watch it on Seifert's website.

Some stray observations after the jump.

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