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Democrats In Saint Paul React To President Obama's Acceptance Speech - Election 2012

Several hundred supporters crowded into the ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Saint Paul to celebrate the re-election of President Barack Obama (D). Obama delivered his acceptance speech to a massive crowd in Chicago and it was broadcast on several giant screens at the DFL election night HQ. People shouted, cheered and some even wept openly during the Presidents speech.

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Reaction To President Obama's Re-election - Election Night 2012

Obama supporter Fatia Yusef reacts to the re-election of President Barrack Obama (D) and how its will effect those in the Minnesota Somali community. She talks about what America will look like in the next four years with Obama as President. Miss Fatia Yusef in from Minneapolis and was attending the DFL celebration in Saint Paul at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

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Reps Winkler (DFL) & Hortman (DFL) React To Democrats Taking Control Of Legislature

State Representatives Melissa Hortman (DFL) and Ryan Winkler (DFL) discusses the DFL taking over the state legislature. They also talk about why they think Republicans lost power and why Minnesotan's put the DFL in charge. They discuss why they think the constitutional amendments backfired on the GOP. Both discuss what the DFL needs to do to retain the majority and why they think it'll be tough work.

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State Senator Jeff Hayden (DFL) Discusses The Election

Minnesota State Senator Jeff Hayden (DFL-Minneapolis) - Discusses President Obama's victory and what went wrong with the Republicans. Hayden also discusses the races for the Legislature and why he thinks the pendulum is swinging back toward the Democrats. Hayden also mentions his thoughts about what Minnesota will look like with a DFL controlled legislature and Governor.

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Congressman Keith Ellison (DFL) Talks About His Victory And The Re-Election of Obama

Congressman Keith Ellison discusses the impacts of President Obama's re-election and the shifting attitudes of American's towards politics. He also address some of his thoughts on racism. As the campaign celebrations continued into the night at DFL HQ in downtown Saint Paul, Ellison spoke about why Mitt Romney lost the election and what the agenda would be for Obama's next four years.

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DFL Chair Ken Martin Comments On Elections

DFL Chair Ken Martin calls GOP use of Constitutional Amendments a, "huge mistake". Martin says the Republican majorities did nothing to advance things that meant the most to Minnesotans. Martin says it looked really good for the DFL to take back both houses of the Legislature.

At the time of this posting, the DFL had gained control of both the House and Senate although the amendments remained undecided.

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President Clinton Other Dignitaries Dedicate Humphrey Memorial At The Capitol In Saint Paul

Former President Bill Clinton joined Governor Dayton, Senators Franken and Klobuchar, former Governor Arne Carlson, Former State Attorney General Skip Humphrey and a host of political luminaries to dedicate a memorial statue to former Vice President and long time Minnesota Senator Hubert H. Humphrey III. Humphrey was known as a tireless advocate for Civil Rights and many of the speakers made reference to his speech at the 1948 Democratic National Convention is which he said it was time to, "get out of the shadow of states' rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights". The ceremony took place on the Capitol Mall in Saint Paul and drew several thousand people.

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Legislative Session Wrap Up - With Special Guests Senator Jeff Hayden, Political Analyst Paul Gardner and Reporter Paul Demko - Simulcast on KFAI Radio News 90.3 FM

Simulcast on 90.3 FM KFAI Radio News - Capitol Conversations final show of 2012 Legislative Session with special guests Senator Jeff Hayden, Political Analyst Paul Gardner and Politics in Minnesota Reporter Paul Demko live from the GOP state convention in St.Cloud. A lively discussion of what was and was not accomplished in the 2012 Session. Plus a look ahead to the 2012 fall elections.

Hosts Bob Hines and Michelle Alimarodi, with Marty Owings and Ahndi Fridell. Producers Dale Conolly, Matt Ehling and Katherine Loudenslager. Production Assitants Connor Molloy and Susan Maricle.

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